Tuesday, 16 March 2010

To the wildlife trust 11/09/2009

On my walk around gweal hill I came across this cattle box, its rocking about and I could hear the two cattle inside kicking against the sides trying to get out, obviously distressed, they will stay in there all night and then get shipped off to St Marys tomorrow at 8:50 not sure if it goes back to St Marys before heading off to St Martins at 9:50 or whether they go back to St Marys via St Martins, I couldn't see any water in the cattle box, I think there is none, so I'm wondering how long these animals will be couped up with no water and why they couldn't have been put into the box tomorrow morning.? maybe this is normally husbandry, in which case please forgive my interference Richard
.I took some pictures and a small film.

and to my surprise, I got a reply.

Dear Mr Pearce
Thank you very much for your e-mail regarding the movement of cattle from Bryher to St Mary's last week. Please be assured that both animals were in good condition and free from stress when they arrived at StMary's. They are both well and out grazing in their new location.
Yours sincerely.

I've since been told on good authority that this is not legal, the cattle where left over night in the cattle truck without water for 15 hours maybe more if they went via st martins(which would be as close as the wlt animals get to st martins!!).

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