Saturday, 27 March 2010

I was hoping that yesterday would be a major turning point, the WLT was having a debate broadcast on our local Radio station ,and we could then get on with our lives unhindered and back to normality! the petition set up by David Badcock proved that there is overwhelming opposition to the way that the trust is managing or not managing the untenanted land, The Radio station manager 'Keri Jones' himself stated earlier in the week that it was very difficult to organise a meeting with the WLT, this should have set off a few alarms, the meeting which was held with a member of the AONB came up with nothing that made me feel that things would change for the better,the AONB appeared to be in support of the WLT so much so that it was as if they were one, so really not a debate as the radio is not allowed to take sides ,yesterday we had the BBC guy come over to Bryher to see the damage done by the cattle and ponies, it was organised that he would be met and shown around by Peter Miller of Bryher but the WLT managed to get to him first! not sure how it panned but very disappointed.

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