Friday, 26 March 2010

Email to radio scilly

Dear Keri
RE: questions for the WLT
I only really sat up and noticed when I woke one day to find
the electric fencing outside my home and the fact that the WLT could
not give me any assurances that they would remove it and never put it
back, its a tiny piece of land between me and the hell bay hotel but
still they would not give me any assurances, and so for me its not the
effect of these animals on the landscape so much, but that they have
no consideration for house holders and then they refused to speak to
us (Bryher Islanders) taking away our voices, our freedom of speech
which is a fundamental human right, we find ourselves powerless and
can only watch as the WLT ride rough shod over Bryher, we've always
considered Bryher our own, islanders taking pride in their
surroundings, our families have invested heavily over the centuries
both emotionally and financially, the roads that the WLT use to move
their animals from place to place WE laid down,we didn't get paid, why
would we? its our island!
Now we are feeling disempowered.
I think the Duchy of Cornwall as the landlords are remiss for not
stepping in before this all got so out of hand.also our Bryher
councillors rather than takes sides should have been consolatory,and
exorcised counselling to aviod rifts in the community, some
I can't think of anything to ask the WLT, I'm just disgusted! I would
ask our community leaders and the DofC to step in and sort it all out
for us .
yours sincerely
Richard Pearce Bryher

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