Friday, 26 February 2010

Good morning Steve
firstly I feel the need to say that I passionately support wildlife
and the environment,
my problems with the wildlife trust is their lack of consideration
for the opinions of locals, on Bryher, after some complaints, they
agreed to a local work party which was set up with their
representative on Bryher at the community centre, and then when the
opinions of the majority didn't go their way , they refused outright
to talk to the work party, in effect they took away the voice of the
people, when I wrote to them I had no reply but instead woke one
morning to find electric fencing right outside my home, I mean
literally yards from my gate!.( I have photos)
I subsequently wrote again and asked if they would remove that
fencing and this time they answered my email, and said that they
couldn't guarantee that they could do this.
As a country person,I have no problems with cows or cow poo, or even
the burning, but it should be on farms, I hate the fencing around the
headlands and feel that it takes away that wonderful feeling of wide
open spaces that we have and share with visitors and I think that
these days and especially these days! we need to consider tourists.
It would be nice if they got back to cleaning beaches and clearing
the foot paths.
p.s on the plus side its good that they employ a few local people
Richard Pearce

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Carol HIcks said...

Well done Richard, excellent blog. I am quite positive that you will all achieve your aim. YOu have the islands in your heart, and nobody can take that away. We are all behind you.
Carol Hicks