Saturday, 27 March 2010

I was hoping that yesterday would be a major turning point, the WLT was having a debate broadcast on our local Radio station ,and we could then get on with our lives unhindered and back to normality! the petition set up by David Badcock proved that there is overwhelming opposition to the way that the trust is managing or not managing the untenanted land, The Radio station manager 'Keri Jones' himself stated earlier in the week that it was very difficult to organise a meeting with the WLT, this should have set off a few alarms, the meeting which was held with a member of the AONB came up with nothing that made me feel that things would change for the better,the AONB appeared to be in support of the WLT so much so that it was as if they were one, so really not a debate as the radio is not allowed to take sides ,yesterday we had the BBC guy come over to Bryher to see the damage done by the cattle and ponies, it was organised that he would be met and shown around by Peter Miller of Bryher but the WLT managed to get to him first! not sure how it panned but very disappointed.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Email to radio scilly

Dear Keri
RE: questions for the WLT
I only really sat up and noticed when I woke one day to find
the electric fencing outside my home and the fact that the WLT could
not give me any assurances that they would remove it and never put it
back, its a tiny piece of land between me and the hell bay hotel but
still they would not give me any assurances, and so for me its not the
effect of these animals on the landscape so much, but that they have
no consideration for house holders and then they refused to speak to
us (Bryher Islanders) taking away our voices, our freedom of speech
which is a fundamental human right, we find ourselves powerless and
can only watch as the WLT ride rough shod over Bryher, we've always
considered Bryher our own, islanders taking pride in their
surroundings, our families have invested heavily over the centuries
both emotionally and financially, the roads that the WLT use to move
their animals from place to place WE laid down,we didn't get paid, why
would we? its our island!
Now we are feeling disempowered.
I think the Duchy of Cornwall as the landlords are remiss for not
stepping in before this all got so out of hand.also our Bryher
councillors rather than takes sides should have been consolatory,and
exorcised counselling to aviod rifts in the community, some
I can't think of anything to ask the WLT, I'm just disgusted! I would
ask our community leaders and the DofC to step in and sort it all out
for us .
yours sincerely
Richard Pearce Bryher

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Monday, 22 March 2010

Round to Green bay, the gate shut for WLT ponies, the Hedges have been distroyed.

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a couple of unused WLT stile steps just abandond where they stood!
The track to works point badly churned up.
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Around rushy bay today, not sure what that rubbish is doing there.
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A couple of pic's for showing 2 ponies that have escaped and 2 still inside the fencing, no sign of the other 2.They were only moved from shipmanshead yesterday morning so haven't managed 24 hours before finding an escape route!

Posted by Picasabizarrely they actually fenced off part of the main road to rushy bay, you have to go round the outside of the fencing and onto the heathland that they want to protect.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Two cattle left in this metal box, no water, for 15+ hrs some feed (hedge trimmings) thrown in with them on the floor already covered in their own poo! which you can clearly see spattered up the metal sides.
The electic fence around them can't be for the cattle locked away on the inside, so must be to keep prying eyes away!!!
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To the wildlife trust 11/09/2009

On my walk around gweal hill I came across this cattle box, its rocking about and I could hear the two cattle inside kicking against the sides trying to get out, obviously distressed, they will stay in there all night and then get shipped off to St Marys tomorrow at 8:50 not sure if it goes back to St Marys before heading off to St Martins at 9:50 or whether they go back to St Marys via St Martins, I couldn't see any water in the cattle box, I think there is none, so I'm wondering how long these animals will be couped up with no water and why they couldn't have been put into the box tomorrow morning.? maybe this is normally husbandry, in which case please forgive my interference Richard
.I took some pictures and a small film.

and to my surprise, I got a reply.

Dear Mr Pearce
Thank you very much for your e-mail regarding the movement of cattle from Bryher to St Mary's last week. Please be assured that both animals were in good condition and free from stress when they arrived at StMary's. They are both well and out grazing in their new location.
Yours sincerely.

I've since been told on good authority that this is not legal, the cattle where left over night in the cattle truck without water for 15 hours maybe more if they went via st martins(which would be as close as the wlt animals get to st martins!!).

Friday, 26 February 2010

Here we are at Rushy bay, Bryher beauty spot, any disabled access?
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Posted by PicasaLook what the wildlife trust did to Samson, the one island that has escaped mans interference since the mid 1800s until now, it looks like mcdonalds fast food has moved in, Samson is the jewel in our crown, this is terrible!!
Posted by PicasaWildlife trust cattle get out again, this time rampaging through hillside farm , It takes years to cultivate the hedges but minutes for the cattle to eat.
Good morning Steve
firstly I feel the need to say that I passionately support wildlife
and the environment,
my problems with the wildlife trust is their lack of consideration
for the opinions of locals, on Bryher, after some complaints, they
agreed to a local work party which was set up with their
representative on Bryher at the community centre, and then when the
opinions of the majority didn't go their way , they refused outright
to talk to the work party, in effect they took away the voice of the
people, when I wrote to them I had no reply but instead woke one
morning to find electric fencing right outside my home, I mean
literally yards from my gate!.( I have photos)
I subsequently wrote again and asked if they would remove that
fencing and this time they answered my email, and said that they
couldn't guarantee that they could do this.
As a country person,I have no problems with cows or cow poo, or even
the burning, but it should be on farms, I hate the fencing around the
headlands and feel that it takes away that wonderful feeling of wide
open spaces that we have and share with visitors and I think that
these days and especially these days! we need to consider tourists.
It would be nice if they got back to cleaning beaches and clearing
the foot paths.
p.s on the plus side its good that they employ a few local people
Richard Pearce
No Bryher beach clean by the trust 2009 so this was gathered off the beaches last summer by visitors for collection, its still there 26th Feb 2010, assuming the trust tend their cattle daily, then they pass this at least twice a day!!!
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Wildlife trust ponies escape and stampede through a Bryher farm causing damage.
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Thursday, 25 February 2010

No entry!
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Electric wired every where.
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The road on Bryher fenced off, so we have to start a new one.
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This well used road on Bryher just suddenly stops, wired off by the wildlife trust, this means that vehicles will now have to go alongside the original track creating another track and cutting up more countryside.
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Just a total disrespect of Bryher by the wildlife trust .
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Every where you look, electric fenceing, put down by the wildlife trust.
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Wild ponies blocking the foot paths
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Just look at all this electic fenceing, how are we sopose to get through? is this nice?
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or this? Bryher cut in half by electric fenceing.
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or this? how can anyone think that this is exceptable!
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One of the nicest views on Scilly spoilt!
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